Rod and Louise Bell

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Words can never express how much this means to Rod and I that you were so kind hearted in taking care of our shower floor when you had no obligations involved. It’s hard to believe that now a day they,re still some people like you and Shellie around.

We wanted everything to be good and dry before we tested the shower so we could give you a report on it, we didn’t use it until this morning. YEAH!!!! The water drains like it should , and it really feels nice “NOT” to have to pull the water back with the squeegee now. We are so grateful for your generosity. Art did a nice job, and a big “THANK YOU” goes to Paul for staying on top of everything and to Shellie for supplying and “DELIVERING” all the things that were needed, which made things go much smoother. Thank you ALL so very much!! Dennis, words can never repay you, and we will never forget you!”